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We understand what a daunting affair calculating acoustic requirements can be.

Rest assured.  We have the tools and the know-how to gather the right information from you and put a plan together that will work for you on every level - effectiveness and aesthetics.


Acoustic Environment

- Consultation and reporting 

- Calculation of product requirement to attain goal environment (measured by reverb time)

- Product and installation guidelines

- Review of previously sourced product

Sound Transmission

- General Consultation on Sound Transmission Issues 

- Review of plans and reporting as to attaining required sound transmission loss/privacy

- Post-construction testing

- Provide mitigation recommendations with product and installation guidelines to improve noise attenuation

- Interpretation of technical information on previously sourced product

Testing and Reporting

On-site testing:

- Sound Transmission Loss

- Acoustic Environment (Reverb Time)

- Noise Exposure (Docimeter)

Remote Testing ***COMING SOON**

We provide the equipment.  You gather the data.  We make it make sense!

In our desire to make acoustic testing, calculation and information more accessible, we are creating a way to simplify this process.

Audio System Review

With over 20 years of commercial audio experience, our audio consultant can provide a sound system review, recommend product, placement or installation improvements, along with consideration of existing or proposed acoustic environment improvements.

3D Design Services

- Small installations

- Large applications

- Customizable options

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Acoustics can be a confusing topic!  Why not get in touch and we will point you in the right direction.